Direct Cremation From $3495

Direct Cremation From $3495

This includes transportation, dressing of your loved one in clothing you provide, Cremation Casket, Cremation, and all legal paperwork.

Direct Cremation is an affordable option without the ceremony 

All legal paperwork is included such as registration of death, permission to cremate, registration of cremation.

We dress your loved one in clothing you provide in our preparation room.

This option Includes the following

- Transport to our facility in our transfer hearse

- Dressing of your loved in clothes provided

- Cremation casket

-  All required paperwork for Cremation

- Transport to the Crematorium in our funeral hearse

-  Register the death and arrange for the Death Certificate.

-  Ashes can either be collected from our facility or we can arrange to deliver them back to you.


* The option of a death notice in the newspaper - (at additional cost)

* Interment of your loved ones ashes can also be arranged - (at additional cost)


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